Pixie Soaps Hand Made Soaps, Body Scrubs & Other Curious Creations

Hand Made Soaps, Body Scrubs, Bath Bombs, Cupcake Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, and Luxurious Leather Conditioner

Hand Crafted and Fresh


We use the best, locally sourced products to make our deliciously scented soaps. Olive and Coconut oil based. Vegan natural soap bars. This is the perfect homemade bath soap.  We also make a luxurious Shampoo Bar! This sold, round bar of shampoo seems to last forever! It's all natural, no parabens or sulfites.

Bath Bombs

We love making bath bombs! We have the traditional round bath bombs and also amazing cupcake bath bombs. We make special order cupcake bath bombs and your imagination is the limit. Check out our Hatchibombs-bath bombs stuffed with toys!

Body Scrubs

We have sugar body scrubs for your body and lips! The body scrubs soften skin, exfoliate and leave you with the smoothest skin around.  The lip scrubs are delicious.

We also have a Luxurious Leather Conditioner that has been tested by the top leather professionals. This conditioner goes on easily and wipes a beautiful supple feeling onto the leather. No stickiness and it smells great!

Since we do not have a traditional shopping cart on this website, we will combine shipping for you and give you a refund on the extra shipping cost.  If you would like to email your order to me, I will issue you an invoice via Paypal, or you can call me with your credit card number. rwoodeshick@hotmail.com 



Hand Crafted Soaps


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Choose from Lavender, Cherry Sno Cone, Lavender Eucalyptus, Merlot, Moscato, Sugar Skull, Caribbean Rum, Mermaid, Unicorn, De-stress, Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Blueberry, Charcoal,  or Patchouli. 

We took oil absorbing charcoal and combined that with our mild soap recipe to make a facial soap that is amazing! This soap is great for your face and also your entire body. Our special charcoal absorbs odors and works great for your hands after working in the kitchen. This natural soap is a must-have.

Please specify what kind of soap you would like when ordering. Thank you!

Hand Crafted Buzz Off Soap


($3.50 shipping)

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This soap is our best seller. It has been tested worldwide. Just from using it in the shower like regular soap, it repels mosquitos and ticks. This soap is safe for horses and dogs, (test a spot just to be sure, but it has been used on puppies as young as 5 weeks old). I also had a gentleman tell me it lasted him 3 days, (from shower to shower). It's an amazing, natural soap.

Pixie Soaps Sugar Scrubs for Hands, face and body


($3.50 shipping)

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Pixie Soaps Sugar Scrubs are super-softening without all of the oily stickiness of other brands. Ours are light, fresh and smell amazing! Use a small amount on wet skin. Just rub around and rinse=MAGIC

We also just launched a Harry Potter inspired line of Hand and Body Scrubs. Visit our facebook page for the latest creations.

Sugar Scrubs are available in Mermaid (pictured), Unicorn, Strawberry, Lavender, Lavender Eucalyptus, Cherry Sno Cone, Dirty Scrub (earthy scent), Rosewater, Orange Dream, Caribbean Rum, Day at the Beach and more! Please specify scent when ordering. Thank you!

Pixie Soaps Large Bath Bombs


($3.50 shipping)

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Pixie Soaps Large Bath Bombs are the ultimate in relaxation. Just drop a bath bomb into your warm bath and experience the magic.

We have Mermaid, Unicorn, Rosewater, Lavender, Lavender Eucalyptus, De-Stress, Sugar Skull, Orange Dream, Caribbean Rum, Moscato, Merlot, Beach Day, and more.

We also offer Hatchibombs-Bath bombs with a toy inside. We have bath bombs with Shopkins, Dinosaurs, Ponies, Zoo Animals, and more. Hatchibombs are $7.00

Pixie Soaps Mini Cupcake Bath Bombs


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These adorable little bath bombs are small, but they have a big presence. They look just like real cupcakes.



Cherry Sno Cone




Caribbean Rum

Beach Day



These are adorable as party favors. Everyone loves them. 

Just take the paper off, and drop into the warm bathtub. 

Pixie Soaps Luxurious Leather Conditioner


($3.00 shipping)

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Pixie Soaps Luxurious Leather Conditioner is the best smelling and most effective leather conditioner we ever experienced. We had to make this great conditioner available to all of our friends. We use cocoa butter, avacado oil, beeswax and eucalyptus essential oil. 

Fight Animal Testing -Purchase Items Not Tested On Animals

Animal Testing is Very Common in the Cosmetics Industry

We Believe, in this day and age, there is no reason for testing cosmetics on innocent animals. 

Take Time to Look Into Who Tests on Animals, and Who Does Not

We love our animals. Let's stand up for them and the thousands of others who don't have a voice.

Buy Pixie Soaps with the confidence in knowing we are not for animal testing!

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