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Pixie Soaps Hand Crafted Soaps, Bath Bombs, Scrubs, Steamers & More

Simple Recipe bath luxuries

Our soaps are unique

Made in small batches with simple recipes.

Our soaps lather! They really clean and they're fun!

Hand Crafted Products

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Hand Crafted and Fresh


We use the best, locally sourced products to make our deliciously scented soaps. Olive and Coconut oil based. Vegan natural soap bars. This is the perfect homemade bath soap.  We also make a luxurious Shampoo Bar! This solid, round bar of shampoo seems to last forever! It's all natural, no parabens or sulfites.

Bath Bombs and Body Scrubs

We love making bath bombs! We have the traditional round bath bombs and also amazing cupcake bath bombs. We make special order cupcake bath bombs and your imagination is the limit. Check out our Hatchibombs! In every Hatchibomb, there is a surprise inside! From a dinosaur to a Shopkins. We can also put custom gifts inside the Hatchibomb.

Tack Butter

Tack Butter is an amazing leather conditioner & cleaner made with simple ingredients and essential oils. We developed it with the help of Olympic Groom Emma Ford. This conditioner & cleaner is soft like butter and it absorbs into the leather without being sticky. With every sale, a portion of the proceeds goes to the recovery of equestrian Lee Lee Jones. 

Fight Animal Testing -Purchase Items Not Tested On Animals

Animal Testing is Very Common in the Cosmetics Industry

We Believe, in this day and age, there is no reason for testing cosmetics on innocent animals. 

Take Time to Look Into Who Tests on Animals, and Who Does Not

We love our animals. Let's stand up for them and the thousands of others who don't have a voice.

Buy Pixie Soaps with the confidence in knowing we are not for animal testing!

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