About Us

Simple Recipe Soaps Influenced by our Favorite Foods

I saw soap made with chocolate one day, and that changed my life. I wanted to have that beautiful soap. It was simple, no harsh chemicals. It smelled like food and I loved it. I then learned how to make soap. It blossomed into a great passion for me. I can be creative and make people happy. I take suggestions now from my customers and try to make some wonderful creations. Inspiration is everywhere.

We love the idea of Tea Parties. Our cupcake bath bombs are beautiful and relaxing.

Simple and beautiful. Pixie Soaps

Pixie Soaps is a company based on the idea that simple, beautiful soaps can bring happiness and health to your life. We use the finest ingredients, sourced locally when available, to make our unique products by hand.

Order online, by text 570-204-4115 or email rwoodeshick@hotmail.com You may also visit our retail locations. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for new photos and daily updates.